Over the past 30 years,

my passion for and knowledge about wine stem from my dual background: vintner on my family’s property and consultant for French and foreign wine estates. Different and complementary, these experiences reinforced my conviction that vine-growing and winemaking can only be considered in the light of profound insight, effective implementation, and precise steering.

They also convinced me that it is each estate’s responsibility to preserve the cultural heritage and landscape, from which it originates. I will accompany you in view of providing a clear and detailed analysis of your estate, so that your activity, beyond expertise, offers a vision of the future all the while protecting your patrimony.

We will also enthusiastically collaborate together as a vintner’s work ethic has to adapt to the trends of the present-day world. For a heritage asset requires an active and a financial transmission. This involves a realistic and ambitious strategy, capable of ensuring a company’s economic soundness.

Moreover, my guidance is not all theory or an ideal projection. Through my winegrowing and advisory expertise, we will develop a patrimonial vision and an entrepreneurial spirit offering the perfect conditions for

the growth of your wine.


Jean-Pierre Confuron



• Consulting,

this involves adapting advice to ensure that the vintner’s needs are fully satisfied.


• Enterprising,

this involves analyzing the production tool to orientate in the short, medium and long term.


• Perpetuating,

this involves sharing technical choices with teams to ensure that the transmission of expertise is both a matter of protecting heritage but also of setting priorities for the future.


• Ethics

At once moral by ensuring that your interests are respected, and professional by remaining consistent with current production standards.


• Empathy

By proximity with people in view of better understanding their needs and the management of their business.


• Expertise

Drawing from cutting edge competence when it comes to vine-growing, winemaking, the environment and patrimony.


• Efficiency

Propositions developed in full independence, with relevant interventions, adapted to each project, without predefined formatted schemes.


• Sustainable vine-growing

A vineyard is part of a specific landscape and terroir. The fruit’s standard of quality produces a unique wine derived from its place of birth.


The CEP approach scrupulously respects the area’s biodiversity by guiding you towards virtuous vine-growing and by adapting to the consequences of climate change.


adapting plant /soil /climate /biodiversity material

management of response measures and use of fertilizers / observations and analyses / determining maturities / profiles of desired wines.

• Responsible winemaking


Derived from healthy grapes, respecting their terroir and grape variety, a sincere wine is elaborated without vine-growing or winemaking gimmicks.


The objective of CEP is that of striving to elaborate a high definition wine, without too much intervention, all the while mastering the winemaking, maturing and bottling phases.


specializing in whole cluster winemaking / SO2 and oxygen management / desired profiles / reasoned maturing and bottling / closures / tracking / production standards.

• An efficient organization


The profession of vintner is complex involving specific skills and techniques, combined with a well-run organization and a realistic business vision.


The CEP approach focusses on the pertinence of the production tool, as well as maximizing the wines’ productivity and visibility.


reflection about gravity-fed winemaking – respecting the environment / water management / waste and flow management / cooling of the harvest / temperature control / safety at work / risk analysis.

• Serene transmission


Through sustainable vine-growing and its signature, an estate is an agricultural and a human heritage. Moreover, expertise has to be passed on in view of perpetuating an estate’s patrimony.


Through its family and business experience, CEP has the skills and necessary hindsight to facilitate the transmission of heritage and to help you take the right decisions at the right moment.


training of teams / organization and working time management / decision help / recruiting / interaction with prescribers and professionals / ensuring a serene transmission.

CEP proposes its assistance in vine-growing and winemaking to a limited number of estates, interested in elaborating high definition wines, with limited intervention and fully respecting the environment.


  • Domaine Confuron Cotetidot

Co-owner and Co-manager


• grown organically since 2004.

• specializing in whole bunch winemaking.


2014, RVF: winemaker of the year.

2016, Bettane & Desseauve: ranked 3rd in the top 10 list of best winemakers of Pinot Noir worldwide, after Aubert de Villaine (Domaine Romanée-Conti) and Lalou Bize Leroy (Domaine Leroy).



  • Maison et Domaine Chanson Père & Fils

Technical Consultant from 2003 to 2018, Technical Manager from 2018 to 2020


2007: International Wine Challenge, Beaune Clos des Mouches 2005 elected the world’s best white wine.

2012: RVF, ranked among the top 50 Burgundy wine estates.

2014: Wine & Spirits, USA, voted estate of the year.

2017, Bettane & Desseauve: best wines of the year for three products - B Clos des Mouches, B Clos des Fèves and B Grèves 2015.



  • Domaine Vylyan, Hongrie

Technical Consultant from 1998 to 2008: management, vineyard, cellar, product range


2008: Hungary’s best wine estate.



  • Beaune Professional
    Training Center

Vine-growing and winemaking teacher and lecturer from 1996 to 2008


At present, Jean-Pierre Confuron is still sharing his experience and passing on his knowledge to young people or new wine-growers undergoing training or setting up their own business.





Jean-Pierre Confuron


21700 Vosne-Romanée


Tél. : 06 12 11 85 85





Jean-Pierre Confuron


21700 Vosne-Romanée


Tél. : 06 12 11 85 85